Fort Frederica Presbyterian Choir

Good Friday morning!Several of us music directors on St. Simons put this little Virtual Choir together this week.   It’s quite a fun but tedious process!  Since we at Ft. Frederica Pres. are still meeting outside in the parking lot, I’m sending this on to you, whereas, the other churches involved will be adding it to their on-line services.  Feel free to share it, Col. Doug and Bro. Don, in our Ft. Frederica Pres. weekly on-line and e-mail correspondence.  
Kevin Lamb at St. Simons UMC has the special technical equipment to do this sort of thing, and I am so impressed with his abilities to mix the timbres of all our individual voices!  Michael Jennings at St. Simons Baptist chose the music for us, and choir – I did go ahead and order enough copies for us to sing it once we are back in the sanctuary!  I hope you enjoy listening to this lovely arrangement of, “Nearer, Still Nearer.”Love and blessing, Debbie